She is a kind girl with a sassy attitude if you anger her. She is an OC created by Darkpai, ask permission before using her.


She has shoulder length wavy hair that is black with side parted bangs. She has light blue eyes and wears the default uniform with black stockings.


Cherushi kind to most people and will happily talk to them though she is very short tempered and can be viscous once angered. Oddly enough, she doesn't associate with the other members of her club and seems heavily affiliated with the Occult club instead.


Occult Club

She is very close friends with them and find them very interesting people to talk to.

-Shin Higaku

She has a crush on him. He is reportedly the person who introduced him to the occult members.


-Her appearance and personality is based on her creator.

-Her MMD Model is by DrasiSw.