Chiyo Kyoko is a fanon student who attends Akademi High School.

Credit to Darkpai for the Portrait


Chiyo has long fluffy Redish-Purple hair and red eyes. Her bust size is 1.5.


Chiyo was Born in a Nomal Family. But her School life was The Hell. in the School she was a Bully Victim in the First and Middle School. She was allways sad and lonely she tried to comit Suicide but it Fails because a Girl Named Ketsu Murasaki she don't wan't to see Chiyo death and she tried everything and it helps. After she go to the High School the bulling has been Stop


Chiyo is Mostly Shy but sometimes she can be really interesting. Sometimes she is in the Girls Toilet where she is Crying after she reminds her Old School life


Chiyo is a Loner if she wittness a Murder or discover a Corpse she will run home and Call The Police


7:00-8:00 Goes to her locker to change her shoes. Then she goes to the Roof and sits alone.

8:00-1:00 At Classroom 2-2.

1:00-1:30 Goes to the Occult Club

1:30-3:30 At Classroom 2-2.

3:30-6:00 Goes to the Occult Club and complete her Club activities.





Ketsu Murasaki

  • Ketsu was the Girl who helpes Chiyo with her Bully Problems

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Wittness Edit

''Is that blood?'' - Witness Ayano with bloody uniform.

*Screams* - Witnessing Murder.

''NO!!! Why??!!?'' - Discovering a corpse.

''Whats wrong with you?! Stop that, its creepy.'' - If Ayano is Insane or laughing Insanely.

''Stop!! Thats disgusting!'' - Seeing someone taking panty shots.

''Stop! Put your camera back!'' - If Ayano try to take a photo of her if she is not in the Photography Club.