Hinata is an OC created by Darkpai, ask her permission before using this OC.


She has long, wavy light blue hair with a light purple ombre and a long curled ahoge on the top of her hair. She also has pale skin and purple eyes. She wears the default uniform with a plain black choker and black stockings. She also wears a black jacket over her uniform which has light purple stripe on the bottom and on each sleeve as well as black cat ears on the hood. She is shorter than average students and has a bust size of 2.

Reverse AU

She has a slightly shorter ahoge and straighter hair, put up into two loose twin tails. She also wears black socks instead of black stockings.


She is an extremely shy, closed in person who gets scared easily. She gets frightened of new people and tends to randomly run away and hide if she feels too scared. She cries a lot, even little things such as loud noises can set her off.

Reverse AU

She is short tempered and snaps at people for no reason. She can be nice when she wants to be but that's only with certain people. People tend to stay away from her due to her tendency to throw things and hit people when angry.


Chrys Lawliet

She met Chrys whilst quietly looking out at the view from the school rooftop. He was one of the first people who had approached her, asking to be friends. Due to his 'overly friendly' persona, she gained a crush on him. He is the only person she really trusts and seems to use him as a shield of sorts, hiding behind him or hugging him when she gets frightened.

Reverse AU

She had a crush on Chrys since she started High School and believes that after two years, he probably would never like her. She heard about him having a love of his hair and therefor cut off his hair since she thought that being mean to him would be the best way to get close to him without getting hurt. This behavior towards him doesn't seem to phase Chrys and he tells her he wants to be her friend. She hesitantly accepts his friendship.


-Her colour scheme is lightly based on Hinata Hyuga from the Naruto series. Her first name is also based on her.

-Appearance is slightly based on Taiga Aisaka from Toradora. Her Reverse characters personality is also based on Taiga.

-Her jacket and love of video games is based on Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2.