He is a flirtatious delinquent. He is an OC created by Darkpai, please ask her permission before using him.


His hair is wavy and dark purple. He has pale, almost grey skin with bright reddish-pink eyes that have cat like pupils. He has his ears, lip, tongue, chin, neck and other places pierced. All his piercings are black.


He is extremely flirtatious, especially to girls although he can get easily angered. He does not feel love, only lust. He does not care about hurting others and simply 'disposes' of people when he gets sick of them.


Oka Ruto

Oka stalks him and because of this, he flirts with her to stop her bothering him. When he does this, Oka simply gets flustered before walking away.

Ayano Aishi

He is aware of her murderous ways and because of this, he decided to keep away from her so he doesn't seem suspicious if she gets caught.

Sateriasis Venom

He sometimes meets up with Sat to have casual sex and because of this, he and Sat are pretty good friends.


-His name used to be Kuro Akuma but was changed due to the word Akuma being banned in Japan.