She is a succubus OC by Darkpai. Ask Darkpai's permission before using this OC.


She has long, wavy dark purple hair. She has pale, almost grey skin and redish-pink eyes with cat like pupils. She is slightly paler than her brother due to make-up. She wears black tights beneath her skirt and wears an occult club choker around her neck


She has a big sister type personality towards her friends but is Tsundere towards anyone she has a crush on. She stays with the Occult club so that the members wont stalk her. Unlike her brother, she doesn't like to use her Succubus abilities on people and wishes to find love.


Oka Ruto

When she first started the Occult club, she only kept Oka close to her so that she wont suspect anything, but now sees her as a friend.


-Her name used to be Kyoko Akuma but was changed due to the word Akuma being banned in Japan.