Rei Chawa is an OC made by Kawaii Derp


Rei Chawa is a female student at Akademi High school. She is a member of the occult club, and is apart of class 1-2


Rei chawa wears the Akademi's School Uniforms, but with the long skirt variant. Outside school, she wears classic lolita. She has the occult club choker, along with bags.


Rei Chawa likes making first impressions, so she acts very classy and as if she is higher than anyone else. However, she doesn't enforce it, she just simply acts it. Rei likes standing out from crowds and like's to have eye catching clothes. She considers herself graceful and ladylike.


Fude Nagakage Rei admires Fude's goals in life, and they are friends. She has a crush on her.


7:00 Rei enters school.

7:00~7:10 Rei puts in her indoor shoes.

7:10~8:10 Rei is in the occult club.

8:10~1:00 Rei is in class 1-1.

1:00~1:25 Rei can do various things at this time. Be with Fude, go to the occult club, or wonder around.

1:25~3:00 Rei Is in class 1-1.

3:00~6:00 Rei is in the occult club and leaves school.


Rei has one task, completing the task can make you befriend her. Rei will ask you to deliver tea party invitations to many students across the school. These students are: Fude Nagakage, Supana Churu, Sho Kunin, and two people you don't even know, Chrys and Kirisu Lawliet. For the last two, you can just lie to Rei and say you gave them the invitations. She will presume that they are sick when the tea party does come.


  • This OC was made so that a ship can live on.