She is a Yandere OC created by Darkpai, ask her permission before using this OC.


One side of her hair is light purple with a light blue ombre and the other side is black. She has shoulder length curly hair with neatly cut bangs pushed to the side and has blue eyes with a purple tint in them. She also wears a flower crown on her head with white, grey and black flowers on it. Her skin is pale and wears light pink blush with a light pink lip-gloss. She wears the default uniform with black stockings and a black choker.


She, unlike other Yanderes, does not kill all that much. She is also a very kind person who makes a lot of friends easily. She mainly stalks Shin and makes sure before she kills anyone that they actually like him.


Shin Higaku

She hasn't ever really spoken to Shin since she gets way too flustered around him.


  • Her appearance was based on Melanie Martinez.