1. No Bullying. (This includes name calling and death threats.)
  2. No spamming. (This includes on peoples message walls and in chat)
  3. No jokes or joke OCs that people may find offensive. If too many people find it offensive, it will be taken down.
  4. No linking pornography, gore, or any NSFW item on chat or on threads.
  5. No creating new accounts to evade bans.
  6. No giving out personal information against someone's will.
  7. No linking crash chrome etc sites. (Doing this will be punished by banning.)
  8. No copying other people OCS and claiming them as yours.
  9. No stealing portraits and claiming they're yours.
  10. No blatantly ripping off anime characters and claiming them as your OC.

OC Page Rules

  1. Please indicate who the owner of the OC is at the top of the page.
  2. Please include an infobox, the one mainly used is the Nariabox template.
  3. Make sure the page has at least two paragraphs of information on your OC or there is no point in creating the page.
  4. It is advised to use the sub headings 'About', 'Appearance' and 'Personality'.
  5. Pages must have good grammar.
  6. Do not use random pictures of an anime character you found on the internet as a representation of your OC.