Sakura Ryougi is a staff member at Akademi High School. The way she acquired this job it by targeting the teacher that had the job she wanted and ripped her spine out before choking her to death with her own spine. She then burned the body applied and the school, who was missing it's staff member, accepted her and had her replace said teacher.

About 19 years before the events of Yandere Simulator, she met up with a man named Matt Lawliet. The two went on a few dates before she learned he was a detective. It was that this point she decided to play a game with him, but not before they married. Nine months later she gave birth to a boy of which they had named Chrys. This was when she would wait for her husband to leave home and would bring random guys home. Once someone she brought home was comfortable or started hitting on her, she'd kill them, making sure Chrys saw everything. She continued this until she had ten causalities. It was at this point Matt would be researching this. She'd ask how far he was in his investigation every few days... ~W I P~ When he found out it was her, she murdered her husband while her children watched her, After that,she dropped her kids off at the a foster home. They were one and zero years old.


She has long, cyan twintails and green eyes. She also wears the teaching uniform while at school.


  • Chrys Lawliet
    • Her oldest child and only son, although she hides this from him at first.


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  • She is Len's first nonstudent OC.
  • Her existence has been hinted and poked at ever since October of 2015.