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Senpai is a main character in the game Yandere Simulator. He is the love interest of Yandere-chan and also all ten rivals. The player is unable to kill Senpai since if the player did kill Senpai, there would be no point in playing the rest of the game.


Senpai's default appearance is a black, slightly messy bowl cut with black eyes and the male default skin tone. The player can customize Senpai's appearance.


Senpai has been described as being kind and gentle but like everyone, he has a boiling point and will get annoyed if Yandere-chan stands near him too long. Senpai's personality is not final yet so if Yandere-chan kills someone close to him, such as his Sister or Osana Najimi, whilst wearing a mask, he may run at the player and rip the mask off of their face resulting in a game over.