Female uniform


Male Uniform

This OC belongs to "Kawai~Pandah" Ask her to use this OC.


She/he was born in the woods and got found by a hiker and got raised in Shisuta town. Her/he age is unknown. She is genderfluid.


She/he has hazel brown cork screws. She/he has light blue bows wrapped around her/his antlers. She/he has a male and female uniform.


She/he is really shy and not as outgoing then normal. She is a kuudere. She stutters a lot when she is noticed or being talked to. Shy cries easily.


She/he would stutter alot about her task. While doing gym activities, she/he left her eyepatch in the boys locker room. If found, She would give the player 300 yen.

" C-Can you f-find m-my eyepatch in t-the boys locker r-room please?" -Asking to do a task.

" O-Oh.....O...Okay.. " -Declining the task.

" Y-You will d-do it? T-Thank you... " -Accepting the task.