Takuto is a third year student, in class 3-2. He tends to be rather quiet during most social activities and randomly walks around. Much like his sister, not much is known of his origin. The member of his family he trusts the most is Mie. Besides Mie, Merissa is the only one that knows a decent amount of him.


Takuto has black hair and black eyes. He wears the uniform five and a pair of glasses. When he's not in school he just wears random clothes, and only dresses sharply when needed.


He is rather nice when he, but can also get on a person's case if they're annoying him. He tends to be protective over people he cares about, to the point of protecting them this his life. He does act quiet alot of the time and is the least talkative during council meetings. When he speaks up it's either a really decent idea or a wise crack.


  • Mie Mikachi
    • Mie is his little he that he watches over. They seem to only trust each other and hug a lot, but sometimes do argue if he does something dumb. She's his only family member he ever talks about and he loves his sister a lot. She pets him alot, and he purrs.
  • Merissa Hōman
    • The Council Vice President, which he is rather annoyed with some times because she spends the most time talking during meetings. She's too overly nice to everyone and makes him give speeches, which he hates doing.