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Uchiki Usagi has a feminine face along with a short height of 5 feet 4 inches. He has a lithe and slightly curvy figure. His hair is a light silver and reaches his lower back, but is usually kept in a side ponytail. His eyes are a dark red. His skin is naturally pale, so he uses self tanner.

Uchiki Usagi wears a light blue blazer, a white long-sleeved blouse, a beige cardigan, white slacks, and black loafers.


He is a variant of the Clingy character. If someone takes his picture without permission he will bashfully pose and think better of his photographer. If he sees a corpse or witnesses a murder he will scream and run to his cousin, Hogo Okami, and tell him of what happened. He is incapable of self-defense.

He is a very enthusiastic boy. He loves attention, affection, and admiration. He always seeks it out very subtly though. He pretends to be shy and quiet to pull off a 'cute' aura. Most of the time he will be glad to help and will do favors for free. Other times he'll be too focused on himself to do anything. He is scared of blood so he has to be fed it unknowingly. He can become saddened very quickly.


Uchiki walks into Akademi at 6:55 AM. He arrives at his locker and changes shoes at 7:00 AM. At 7:05 AM, he'll sit in the cafeteria and gossip with other students. He'll leave for the Sewing club at 7:35 AM. Once it becomes 8:00 AM, he'll walk to class 2-1 and attend classes until 1:00 PM. He'll eat in the plaza until 1:25 PM, when he heads back to class. He'll attend classes from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. He will then attend club activities until 6:00 PM, when he heads home.


Uchiki's task will be unavailable until Hogo's task has been completed. Uchiki will be extremely pale and weak, he hadn't been fed. The character will have to prepare a meal for Uchiki so that he doesn't starve. Once the task is completed, Uchiki will agree to be the character's friend.


Uchiki was born to a anthropomorphic rabbit mother, who's whole family had been experimented on to create anthropomorphic animal humans, and a vampire father. He once skinned his knee as a child and that was what sparked his hemophobia.


Hogo Okami

  • Hogo is Uchiki's distant cousin who attends Akademi High school as a third year. They have a close relationship and Uchiki regularly runs to Hogo for comfort.


  • His wings give him the ability to flutter around, but not fly.
  • His sense of hearing is higher than the average rabbit-human's.
  • He regularly crossdresses for fun and teases boys.
  • HemighthaveaslightcrushonHogo...